Just a few steps or an entire staircase? Many buildings contain level differences that most people hardly notice. For a wheelchair user or people who have difficulty walking, every level difference is a challenge. Kalea Lifts offers you the choice between  two different models for straight staircases, the Roll On Compact and Roll On Porta as well as a unique entrance lift, which can lift and turn around corners, the brand new Kalea SwingOn. The sophisticated, ergonomic design and fully automatic operation of our lifts make them ideal for wheelchair users. Kalea stairlifts are fast to install, well adapted to outdoor conditions and can take loads of up to 300 kg.  

Different lift models, different prices

Kalea Lifts provides you with accessibility solutions at different price points, depending on your choice of model, configuration and options. In addition to our stairlift models, Kalea Lifts also offers you the choice of a wide range of passenger and goods lifts.


SwingOn Entrance Lift - Stairlifts

SwingOn Entrance Lift

Fully automatic folding stair lift

  • Unique lifting and turning motion (90 degrees)
  • Light grey RAL 9022, for a modern and discret look
  • Automatic folding and unfolding of platform
  • Suitable for 1-3 steps (max 500 mm travel)
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Compact design: Extends 250 mm from wall when folded
  • Lifting capacity: 300kg

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