Open Platform Lift B385

Kalea B385 Open Platform Lift is the perfect lift for travels up to 3 metres and ideal for outdoor conditions. This robust and flexible lift can be delivered in our discreet grey standard colour or with a very high-end finish in customized RAL or stainless steel. It is your choice! Kalea B385 Open Platform Lift is delivered with all the elements you need for installation. If the site is properly prepared, you can have your lift up and running within one day. Kalea B385 offers you a great choice of access configurations, blends in with most architectural surroundings and is a great cost saving alternative to conventional lifts.


Kalea B385 Open Platform Lift

The robust and reliable lift for travel up to 3 meters

  • 2 stops, max 3 m travel
  • No shaft needed, integrated machine room, 0 or 60 mm pit
  • 3 platform sizes, several access configurations available
  • Weather resistant: -25 to +45 ̊ C, anti-corrosion treated
  • Lifting capacity: 385 kg

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Key features for Kalea products
Lift products of quality

  • 2 or 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 3 different platform dimensions 900 x 1400, 1100 x 1400 or 1100 x 1600 mm (w x d)
  • No shaft, no machine room, no pit necessary
  • Gate clear opening: 900 x 1100 mm (w x d)
  • Opposite or 90 ˚ access
  • Stainless steel finish, different RAL finish or tinted safety glass as options

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Technical Overview

Kalea B385 Technical Overview

Installation Indoors / Outdoor
Rated load 385 kg /3 pers
Rated Speed (m/sec) Max 0.06
Travel height Max 3 m
Plattform dimension (WxD, mm)

900 x 1400
1100 x 1400*
1100 x 1600**

Footprint (WxD, mm)

1310 x 1520
1410 x 1520*
1510 x 1720**

Cut-out size (WxD, mm)

1340 x 1550

1540 x 1550*
1540 x 1750**

Maximum number of stops 2
Mast, platform, door frame finish Powder coated grey, RAL 9006
Gate clear opening 900x1100 mm
Drive system Screw and nut 
Control system PLC
Power supply 3x400VAC 10A, 1x230VAC 16A (option)
Motor power 1,5 kW
Operation Hold-to-run 
Floor Aluminium Checker Plate
Machine room Integrated
In compliance with  MD 2006/42/EC

*  Adjacent           **  Not standard size


Personalize your lift

Kalea Lifts makes it easy for you to personalize your lift. Make your lift blend in with your interior design, make a bold statement with a bright colour or mix and match with different materials. Add the accessories that you need for that little extra comfort. If you want to include a personal touch that you cannot find in our wide range of standardized options, just contact us, many things can be arranged. The choice is yours, the sky is the limit! 

Kalea options

Shaft glazing

Select your finishes!

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Black, white, grey or bronze tinted safety glass
  • Tainted polycarbonate

Standard finish

  • Metallic grey (RAL 9006), for a modern and discreet look
  • Gates 900 x 1100 mm (w x h)
  • Gate and platform walls in clear plexi glass (indoor)
  • Gate and platform walls in frosted polycarbonate (outdoor)


Please find examples of our most popular options below:

  • Tag locks
  • Battery emergency lowering device
  • 1 x 230 VAC power supply with frequency converter
  • Insulated full height door for the top landing
  • Remote call buttons
  • Possibility to connect lift to external alarm function


Certifications & Standards

All Kalea lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Kalea B385 is delivered with the following certificate:

• Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)