Platform lift A4 Primo

Kalea A4 Primo is our most popular platform lift. Kalea A4 Primo exists in seven different sizes and requires no separate shaft, no machine room and no pit. These advantages, together with an attractive price and design, make the A4 Primo an excellent alternative to conventional lifts. The flexibility in size and options makes it possible to create the perfect lift for your project. Do you want panoramic glazing, elegant aluminium doors, a unbique colour or a customized floor? Just talk to your Kalea sales contact and we will make it happen!


Platform Lift Kalea A4 Primo
Elegant, functional and affordable

Easy to install in both new and existing buildings, Kalea A4 Primo is an excellent accessibility solution for public buildings, shops, restaurants, schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, and private homes.

  • Kalea A4 Primo offers you the choice between seven different platform sizes and several door models and gates, including elegant aluminium doors and fire rated EI60 doors.

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Key features for Kalea products
Lift solutions of quality 

  • 2 or 5 year manufacturers' warranty 
  • 7 different platform dimensions 
  • No concrete shaft, no machine room, no pit necessary
  • Door clear opening: from 700-1000 x 1800-2300 mm (w x h) 
  • Steel doors, steel gates, aluminium doors, fire rated doors
  • Concealed power door openers
  • Panoramic glazing of all 4 sides of the shaft
  • Remote monitoring of lift function via our unique CAN-see software

SUMalarm, automatic door locks and all essential safety features delivered as standard.

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Technical Overview

Kalea A4 Primo Technical Overview

Installation Indoors / Outdoors*
Rated load 400 or 500 kg
Rated Speed (m/sec) Max 0,15 (9 m/min)
Travel height Up to 13 m
Min.headroom at top landing 2250 mm 
Pit depth without ramp 50 mm
Standard platform size (w x d, mm) 800 x 1217
900 x 1467
1000 x 1267
1000 x 1467**
1100 x 1367
1100 x 1467**
1100 x 1597
Cut-out size (w x d, mm) 1200 x 1380
1300 x 1630
1400 x 1430
1400 x 1630**
1500 x 1530
1500 x 1630**
1500 x 1760
Maximum number of stops 6
Travel speed (m/sec) Max 0.15
Standard shaft finish Steel panels RAL 9016
Door configurations Single-entry, open through, adjacent
Landing doors (type) Swing doors
Door clear opening (w x h) 900 x 2000 mm****
Gate clear opening (w x h) 900 x 1100 mm****
Drive system Screw and nut, with safety nut
Control system Micro computer based system
Standard power supply 400 VAC 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16 A***
Emergency lowering device Optional
Motor power 2,2  KW
Operation Auto run on landings, hold-to-run on platform
Control panel Hold-to run,easy-to-use tactile & braille buttons, alarm button, emergency stop button and  LED-light
Machine room Integrated / Separate
Certification SS- EN 81-41 / MD 2006 / 42 /EC
Manufactured in Sweden
* Outdoor installation only for the standard platform sizes
** Outdoor installation available
*** 1 x 230 VAC is also available for the 400 kg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 **** Standard dimensions for doors on platform sizes with 1000/1100 width

Options for door configuration

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Our team of experts will help you find the best lift solution for your specific needs.

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Personalize your lift

Kalea Lifts makes it easy for you to personalize your lift. Make your lift blend in with your interior design, make a bold statement with a bright colour or mix and match with different materials. Add the accessories that you need for that little extra comfort. If you want to include a personal touch that you cannot find in our wide range of standardized options, just contact us, many things can be arranged. The choice is yours, the sky is the limit!


Kalea options

Shaft glazing


Select your flooring and finishes!

  • Carpet in stone finish
  • Carpet in wood finish
  • Aluminum chequer plate floor
  • Shaft, doors and platform in any RAL finish
  • Shaft and door glazing in different colours

ral cibes

Standard colours

White RAL 9016, a colour that matches everything

  • Panoramic steel doors RAL 9016, clear opening 900 x 2000 mm (w x h)
  • Toughened and laminated safety glass
  • Steel shaft panels in RAL 9016
  • Elegant, moulded aluminum door handle

Metallic grey RAL 9006, for contemporary elegance

  • Panoramic aluminum doors in natural colour, clear opening 900 x 2000 mm (w x h)
  • Toughened and laminated safety glass
  • Steel shaft panels in RAL 9006
  • Stylish, integrated handle running along the full height of the door leaf

Door models
Elegant and functional design

  • Wide choice of door models; steel doors, aluminium doors, gates and fire rated doors
  • Concealed door closer as standard, concealed automatic door openers as an option
  • Adaptable to your preferences, great choice of finishes and dimensions

Download door overview


Please find examples of our most popular options below:

  • Fire drive
  • Emergency lowering (from inside the lift)
  • Locking systems (auto lock, central lock)
  • Concealed automatic door opener
  • Automatic shaft light 
  • Voice announcement
  • Arrival signal
  • Level indicators 
  • Remote call buttons
  • Intercom
  • Hands-free auto-dialer


Certification & Standards

All Kalea lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Lifts are delivered with the following certificates:

• Type certificate
• Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)