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Certified to transport merchandise as well as passengers, Kalea goods lifts are ideal for ware houses, office buildings, museums, libraries, shops, restaurants and funeral homes. Our goods lifts are available in several large platform sizes with a lifting capacity up to 1000 kg. Elegant, powerful and ready-made, a Kalea goods lift can be installed within 4-5 days, without any major structural alterations. Kalea Lifts has a strong product portfolio, ranging from passenger lifts and stairlifts  to goods lifts, click on the links to find out more!

A4 Mille Goods Lift - Goods Lifts

A4 Mille Goods Lift

The large capacity platform lift 

  • The perfect lift for ware houses, furniture stores, libraries, restaurants and funeral homes
  • Certified for transport of goods and passengers
  • Generous platform: 1405 x 2475, 1105 x 2175 or 1405 x 1975 mm
  • Rated load: 1000kg

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